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CorTec and ChefTec Software for the Foodservice Industry
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28 Ways to Lower Your Food Costs
Food Lover's Glossary
Press Releases from Culinary Software Services
Press Release: UNFI EDI Interface for CorTec and ChefTec Software Users
Press Release: Jonas Export Interface for CorTec and ChefTec Software Users
Press Release: ChefTec Reporting Features Bring Foodservice Operations Back on Track
Press Release: Mobile Solutions - Food Requisitions To-Go
Press Release: ChefTec Meets Increased Demand for Event Management
Press Release: Restaurants Bounce Back with Gluten-Free Menu Items
Press Release: Culinary Software Services Releases xt4 Version of ChefTec Software
Press Release: ChefTec Lot Tracking Module Makes Food Recalls Less Painful
Press Release: ChefTec xt3 Takes on Gluten, Allergens, and Recalled Foods
Press Release: Download ChefTec from the Cloud!
Press Release: ChefTec xt Offers Increased Functionality and Enhancements
Press Release: ChefTec Mobile Solutions now has Receiving Module
Press Release: HP ElitePad 900 Tablet Becomes Standard for the Mobile Solutions Package
Press Release: ChefTec Road Show Making its Way Around North America
Press Release: ChefTec Fund Awards ChefTec to Reconcile New Orleans, Inc.
Press Release: ChefTec 13x Offers Greater Flexibility and Customization
Press Release: The ChefTec Waste Tracking Module Makes Tracking Waste Easy
Press Release: The ChefTec Fund Announces Donation to My Gluten-Free Bread Company
Press Release: ChefTec TT Retooled to Create a Modular System
Press Release: Center for Discovery Discovers Time and Money Savings With CorTec TT Enterprise
Press Release: ChefTec TT to be Released in September
Press Release: Remote Notifications Eleven to be Released July 5th
Press Release: ChefTec Reporter Eleven Released; to be Demonstrated at National Restaurant Association Trade Show
Press Release: Online Nutritional Analysis Service Enhanced for ChefTec Eleven
Press Release: ChefTec Anywhere to be Demonstrated at IHMRS Show
Press Release: ChefTec Eleven Set for 3rd Quarter Release
Press Release: QuickBooks Online Interface to be Demonstrated at NRA Show May 22-25, 2010
Press Release: Tournament Players Club Hits a Hole in One with CorTec Enterprise
Press Release: ChefTec MMX on Display at CMAA/Golf Industry Show February 10-11
Press Release: Father Joe's Villages Choice is ChefTec Ultra for Foodservice Cost Control
Press Release: ChefTec Software Demonstrating Powerful Cost Control Features at G2E, November 17-19, 2009
Press Release: Consolidated Reporting Tool ChefTec Reporter MMX Released
Press Release: ChefTec MMX on Display at the IHM&R Show, November 8-10, 5009
Press Release: ChefTec Version 2010 Set to Release October 20, 2009
Press Release: Pelican Bay Foundation Makes CorTec Their Solution for Requisitions & Transfers
Press Release: Major New ChefTec Version Set to Release in 4th Quarter 2009
Press Release: Whole Foods Markets Chooses CorTec Enterprise Software for Corporate Commissary
Press Release: Allergen Alerts Added to ChefTec Software for Enhanced Food Safety
Press Release: Boston Market Chooses ChefTec for Recipe and Menu Development
Press Release: The ChefTec Road Show Rolling Along with Workshop and Software Discounts
Press Release: Terranea Resort (Destination Hotels) Adopts CorTec Solution
Press Release: ChefTec Remote Notifications Provides Rapid Response and Communications
Press Release: Nationwide Tour of ChefTec User Workshops Providing Training and Implementation Strategies
Press Release: Country Clubs and Golf Courses Tee Up for Improved Profits with ChefTec
Press Release: The ChefTec Fund Has Been Established to Provide Discounted/Free Software for Non-Profits
Press Release: Seamless ChefTec Interfacing with US Foodservice
Press Release: Calendar Builder Released: for Managing Recipes and Menus in a Calendar Format
Press Release: Culinary Software Services Announces Strategic Expansion
Press Release: ChefTec Reporter Preview at National Restaurant Show in Chicago
Testimonials from Customers and Customer Spotlights
Nate's Seafood & Steakhouse - Customer Spotlight
Reconcile New Orleans - Customer Spotlight
Northwood Country Club - Customer Spotlight
Connecticut Junior Republic - Customer Spotlight
Café Central - Customer Spotlight
Bricktops Restaurant - Customer Spotlight
Iliff Preschool - Customer Spotlight
Aldrich Mansion - Customer Spotlight
Brookside Restaurant - Customer Spotlight
Rosa Mexicano - Customer Spotlight
Joe's Stone Crab - Customer Spotlight
The Drafting Room and Brickside Grille - Customer Spotlight
Taylor Street Ovens - Customer Spotlight
La Pine Senior Center - Customer Spotlight
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